How to restore a deleted Web Presence Builder site from a snapshot located in a domain folder?




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    Ehud Ziegelman (Edited )

    Hi Leonid Gukhman,


    It's not clear for me, what are the differences between three types of site/domain backing up:

    1) The Plesk Toolks --> Backup

    2) The WordPress Toolkit 'Back Up / Restore' per domain


    And the most unclear of all...

    3) Snapshots file which may generated leaving the "Restore Point" box checked, while syncing from one domain to another, which may be seen in 'root' folder: '.wp-toolkit/snapshots'

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    eira jeremy

    @Ehud Ziegelman my location: It explains that even though the site may have been accidentally removed from Web Presence Builder, it is possible to restore it by accessing the snapshot files in the domain's /data/snapshots directory. The key is to rename the main XML file to match the new site ID. This is a useful troubleshooting tip for anyone who has accidentally deleted a WPB site and needs to recover it.

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