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How do I enter the new ticketing system?
  1. If you have already submitted the request and received the notification about request creation, follow "Forgot my password" link in the Sign-In dialogue window.

    To receive a password reset link use the e-mail you have created the request with.

  2. If you have not submitted request yet you will need to click "Sign Up" link and create a new user.

    A welcome email will be sent to the specified e-mail, containing a verification link that enables you to sign in.

You can get complete information in the article How can I submit request to Plesk support?

Note: to be able to submit a ticket you don't need to have the ticketing system account as though as it will be created automatically.

Please note that if you ticked this checkbox you need to use your corporate email address for submission (registered in your profile). If other than your company corporate email is used the ticket will be de-prioritized and/or bounced. In the case you are not a partner you will need a valid License Code and use any email for submission.

License Key is the number of your product key that looks like this: PLSK.01234567.0001

Please choose your OS. If the OS is not in the list above your request will not be processed according to 

Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

Please enter your Server(s) IP adress(es) , administrator/root login(s) and password(s)

I agree with Plesk Server Permission Policy and authorize support representatives to log in and perform all actions required to resolve the issue

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