How to train SpamAssassin on Plesk server?



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    filmotheklown (Edited )

    Question 1: Is it required that 'Move spam to the Spam folder' be selected for SpamAssasin to auto learn?

    Our preference is rather to mark emails as '***SPAM***' at the beginning of the subject line so as to not miss false positive and then manually select 'Junk' for those email come through that are SPAM. Will this not work??

    Question 2: we're using linux. Do we also need to use the sa-learn utility?

    I marked a bunch of emails as 'Junk' in RoundCube and they appear to show up in the /our_user/Maildir/.Spam/cur directory.

    However when I run the utility it works, but nothing shows up in the /root/.spamassassin as indicated above

    root@srvr:~# sa-learn --spam /var/qmail/mailnames/
    Learned tokens from 180 message(s) (180 message(s) examined)

    [it works, I can see the perl process doing it's thing and after a bit I got the 'learned from tokens'.
    However when I list the directory below, its empty ]

    ls /root/.spamassassin

    --> Empty instead of any output??

    I don't see where the output of the 'sa-learn' process went to??


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