Unable to log in to the WP Admin dashboard by using WP Toolkit: JSON: Illegal Token




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    Unknown User

    It appears that this issue has resurfaced... 

    Another workaround is to go through the subscriptions screen (active list NOT dynamic list, as that is broken as well). 

    Confirmed for newest version of WP, Plesk (on Ubuntu 22.04), and Elementor (v. 3.16.3 and Pro v. 3.16.1 and all 3.15 versions), and PHP 8.2.

    It SEEMS like this issue is Elementor but ALSO is Plesk, since it works using different methods INSIDE Plesk as demoed in this video about the new forcing of Dynamic lists: 


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    Unnamed User

    I can confirm what Unknown User found out. Login in via Active List works fine. So strange!

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