How to enable remote access to MySQL/MariaDB server in Plesk?




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    Karsten Silkenbäumer

    Any chance to perfom this task from the command line? Would be helpful in automation.

    Setting bind-address to * in my.cnf works until the next update only, so I guess there's something else being set in the background.

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    Paul Hermans

    When using MariaDB on a Windows Servers and you use IPv4 AND IPv6 you need another bind-address otherwise database connections will be slow.

    You can clearly experience this when clicking around in phpMyAdmin

    bind-address = (= IPv4 only)
    bind-address = * (= IPv4 + IPv6 connectivity)


    Explanation: database connections to localhost will first try connecting to ::1, timeout and then try

    Please update the article so other do not make the same mistake and end up with slow MariaDB connections.

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