How to change the default language in Plesk?




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    Ehud Ziegelman (Edited )

    Hi Stefan Yakubov,

    This feature seems to have a BUG, where it might be blocked according to the country the Plesk license was sold. 

    I mean, you would NOT be able to activate additional languages, lets say to german, as long you don't set a different default language. This should not be like this. Deactivation default, should be allowed, and then asked which language should replace it.

    Note, that if you get a language you do not speak, it's pretty difficult to know what to do.

    Please pass to developers.


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    Stefan Yakubov

    Hello, Ehud Ziegelman

    The article is dedicated to steps to switch locale, which were validated. In case you presume there is a bug in it's behavior, I'd recommend filing a form at

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