Website displays an error 502: AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)



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    adrian TNT (Edited )

    One of my sites today out of nowhere stopped responding to http requests. Plesk panel and other sites on same server would load fine.

    I tried disabling cloudflare, restarting apache and nginx, nothing seem to help.

    It worked after I .. refreshed the config a bit by going to that domain settings, changing FTP password and saving. I am sure the password was not related, but it saved the config for that domain in Plesk and that fixed it.

    This could be a more serious issue with plesk and I am not sure what caused it.

    When this happen, I was editing some PHP pages from the site, pages that used an over average amount of memory (2-3 GB). But I was not changing anything in plesk config or site settings, db, etc.

    Maybe some Plesk helper scripts stop working when running PHP pages with higher timeout or higher memory usage, and maybe saving a new site FTP password restarted some plesk helper scripts.

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