On Plesk for Linux server, deny rules set up in Plesk Firewall do not block connections to Docker container




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    Workaround would be to bind the Docker Container to Localhost as explained here. That example by WebHostingAce shows how to bind Redis to accept only local connections. It would still be nice if Plesk Firewall could be used instead, but this workaround is very nice.

    Redis example from here:

    1. Search for Redis Docker in Docker Image Catalog Then Click Run.

    2. In the Next Step 'Run redis', Press Cancel

    3. Login to SSH as Root then Run
    docker run --name=redis -p redis

    4. Press CTRL + C to Exit.

    5. In the Plesk Panel Click on Docker again. Now you will see the Redis Docker is not Running.

    6. In Redis Docker, go to Settings and Tick 'Automatic start after system reboot' > 'Ok' > 'Start'

    Now the Redis Docker will be Bind to Localhost and the Port 6379 will not be accessible externally.



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    This is not a helpful solution, I don't want to delete firewall extension :/

    Either you must give an appropriate solution or work on PPPM-9222.

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