How to extract files from a Plesk backup archive




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    Christian User

    How about for Mac users?  There's no input given here to do this on MacOS.

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    Unknown User (Edited )

    The directions above are wrong, at least for windows 10 - 11. What you need to do is:

    1) Download zstd (who thought of that name???)

    2) Place zstd.exe from archive above inside the same directory where your .tzst - tzstxxx files are

    3) Open a command prompt of windows and cd to that directory

    4) merge the files if you have more than one. To do this you need to run:

    copy /b/y backup_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.tzst + backup_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.tzst1 + backup_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.tzst2 + backup_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.tzstxxx finalbackupfile.tzst

    5) Run tar -xvf backup_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.tzst

    Thats it, your files will exctract at the same directory

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