Old public IP address is shown in Plesk after changing the public IP address on a cloud service side



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    Ehud Ziegelman

    Hi Alexander Davydov,


    To the best of my memory, I currently got the opposite direction where the NEW Private IP was set as if it the Public IP, not enabling me to set the New public IP.

    Even if I added a new correct second setting, I could NOT remove the wrong one. It took me lot of struggle to somehow manage to get the setting changed, possibly through one of the plesk repair all -y calls.

    Also, I would prefer configuring instance 'conf' files (i.e., nginx, etc.) using the Public IP so I won't have to look for various changes when the Private IP is switched, as a byproduct of a SNAPSHOT full server restore, if possible for Plesk to enable such configuration.

    The above may include the setting of the IP linked to the host in the 'conf' file: /etc/hosts


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