How to extract files from a Plesk backup archive




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    Michael Albertin

    1) The downloaded files are corrupt and needs to be repaired (e.g. WinRAR). PeaZip only generates errors.

    2) The db backup zips use a "unknown" compression method, no ZIP tool (also not PeaZip) understands this format.

    Please provide usefull information.

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    Marco Borla

    Archive are corrupt even if I open with 7-zip.

    I can see from comments that I'm not the only one that find this issue.
    Finally I done a full backup of Apache files and database manually with the dubt Plesk backup are bugged and made a broken backups. This can be mean in the case of need of restoring, Plesk backup seems to be corrupted. I never tried to restore but from Windows with 7zip files seems to be corrupted.

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    Hi Plesk Support team,

    Please remove the link to PeaZip, it gives a lot of issues handling the new backup format.

    The only way to decompress a ZSTD backup archive on Windows 10/11 is using:

    More details:



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    Nikita Zubovich

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for sharing additional details. We have updated the list of recommended archive managers for Windows.

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