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Error in Plesk during the ClamAV update: downloadPatch: Can't apply patch




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    TomBob (Edited )

    We get this every day with a brand new PES installation on a brand new Plesk server with the following reasons:

    ClamAV update process started at Mon Aug 9 21:54:32 2021
    WARNING: FreshClam previously received error code 429 from the ClamAV Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    This means that you have been rate limited by the CDN.
    WARNING: You are still on cool-down until after: [date / time]

    Rather odd for a new server with its own static public ip.

    EDIT: looking at the our emails, it appears clamav as configured out of the box checks every six hours exactly.
    A statement found here: https://www.mail-archive.com/clamav-users@lists.clamav.net/msg49810.html says

    We release AV updates once a day, in an emergency slightly more than that.

    Maybe Plesk can adjust it to less frequent checking.

    Having a new server running Plesk with a new PES with this issue isn't a nice experience.

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    Yaroslav Tarasov (Edited )

    Hello @TomBob,

    It appears that the issue you've faced is a little bit different than in this article and it's on the ClamAV side. Please check if the issue persists in the next few days.

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