Plesk is inaccessible: Unable to get PSADb administrator password




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    Pierre H (Edited )

    Anyone figure this out yet? I have not been able to access Plesk from Godaddy or through RDP to VPS

    {"message":"ERROR: Exception: Unable to get PSADb administrator password: The system cannot find the file specified. (Error code 2) at Unable to connect to pipe \\\\.\\pipe\\P_c3a505b3-16f6-4fb2-a405-1e7be8a7ec98<br> at (Con::ClientOverlappedPipe::create line 518)<br> at Unable to call getInstance()(PleskSrvClient::getInstance line 364)<br> at (zif_get_psadb_admin_password line 277)\n\nAdditionally, an exception has occurred while trying to report this error: Zend_Exception\nNo entry is registered for key &#039;dbAdapter&#039; (Helper.php:65)","kbArticleUrl":"http:\/\/\/plesk-error\/search?metaId=f825e97b6b854632d240e67c8fce648f&messageId=f814e7ef6203cbccc14f57ab9f422f89&file=Helper.php&line=65&type=Exception&version=18.0.40&message=Unable+to+get+PSADb+administrator+password%3A+The+system+cannot+find+the+file+specified.+%28Error+code+%29+at+Unable+to+connect+to+pipe+%2F.%2Fpipe%2FP_%3Cbr%3E+++at+%28Con%3A%3AClientOverlappedPipe%3A%3Acreate+line+%29%3Cbr%3E+++at+Unable+to+call+getInstance%28%29%28PleskSrvClient%3A%3AgetInstance+line+%29%3Cbr%3E+++at+%28zif_get_psadb_admin_password+line+%29"}

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    Pierre H

    Hello Folks. I was able to find out the issue after a few days of trouble shooting and banging my head against the computer. If this helps anyone avoid the same distress and keeps you from questioning your role as a technical professional, I'm glad to help.

    Plesk did not become "corrupted" as I had thought. The anti-malware program Malwarebytes falsely identified and quarantined pleskserv.exe as virus. Once I removed it from quarantine and rebooted, Plesk came back up and I was able to login as normal. All my sites are there and all Plesk command line checks check out. 

    Excellence Digital

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