How to keep .htaccess rules after switching PHP handler from Apache to nginx in Plesk?



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    Mark Abrams

    your extension converter chokes on htaccess to nginx conversion for 404

    # Custom error docs
    ErrorDocument 404 /404-page-not-found.htm

    Can you respond with the nginx directive for 404?

    can you guys provide a shortlist of  top 10 nginx directives that work on Plesk?


    404, 301

    extensionless  htm, html, php

    rewrite domain.index   to domain only

    #Header append Cache-Control "public"
    # ExpiresActive Off
    # Header set Cache-Control "private, no-cache, no-store, proxy-revalidate, no-transform"
    # Header set Pragma "no-cache"

    # Enable ETags
    FileETag MTime Size

    Nginx directives 

    CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 (Core)
    Plesk Obsidian
    Version 18.0.33 Update #1, last updated on Feb 26, 2021 03:12 AM
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