SEO Toolkit is stuck on domain's overview page: Site Audit is in progress. Please wait until it has been completed.




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    Hans Ostrowske

    Thank you, this worked for me.
    The only thing I would add... After following the above instructions, I went to the SEO Toolkit Extension page and clicked the button to expand the under panel for the selected domain.

    Then click the little refresh arrows next to "Site Audit" to fully start the process over.
    If it does not begin, click on the domain name to access the selected domain SEO Toolkit page and refresh page, and the  "Scan Now" button should reappear.
    Click that and you should most definitely be good to go. 

    A lil buggy, but this can be worked around.


    Thanks for your help,


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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Hans Ostrowske

    Thank you for your notice. That might be helpful for other Pleskians.

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