WordPress instances marked as broken in: Plesk WordPress Toolkit has found WordPress files at the following path



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    Barbara Palomino

    Hello Alexey, 

    thanks for posting about this problem. This is exactly the error I am getting. I have done the procedure you suggest by detaching the site that appears broken from the Wordpress Toolkit, however my question is if the problem is actually solved this way. Is there really a file missing on the server related to the site or is it just a "misunderstanding" of the system?  I ask you because for example I can't update this site in the Plesk dashboard anymore because of the same error. Also the page I have detach and receiving that error is a WordPress subdomain that I need to redirect to become our Root-Main Domain and I don't want to do this until I know that the "broken" website problem on Plesk is solved. My host says to check that the theme I use in Wordpress does not have a problem. I have checked this and is not the case as the site works perfectly online.

    Any advice? Suggestions? I would appreciate it very much!

    Best regards, Bárbara

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