How to increase upload dump size for phpMyAdmin in Plesk?




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    Robin Labadie

    Typo here, it's not:

    sw-cp-server restart


    service sw-cp-server restart


    thanks for the doc btw, it works for me with CentOS 7. ;)

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    Anton Maslov

    Thank you Robin! Fixed the typo.

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    Gabriella Cocchiarella

    Hello, Unfortunately, the suggested values have created problems on a version of the Plesk panel:

    Product version: Plesk Obsidian
    OS version: CentOS 7.9.2009 x86_64
    Build date: 2021/05/26 11:00
    Revision: 79a8872782bd03d98ca90cda78a8ba20d1369c41

    In fact, after the modification, which worked very well, the Plesk file manager gave error to each loading of the files, indicating that each file loaded (even the smallest) was too large. In the end I solved by changing the value from megabyte in bytes, i hope this can be usefull the community by suggestion.

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