A website does not work: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when DigitalOcean is used




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    R Roeleveld

    Unfortunately this patch did not solve the issues with the DO extension not updating. My complete and most busy zone is down and I can't get Plesk support because I bought my license through a reseller..?


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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello @R Roeleveld !

    Probably, you faced another bug #EXTPLESK-894.

    Please try applying the hotfix provided in the article:

    If the solution is not helpful, contact your hosting provider for the assistance.

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    R Roeleveld

    Thank you for providing me with that article. So far it seems to have solved the issue, I need to do some more testing to be 100% positive.

    The thing with the support is, I am my own webhoster and purchased my license through a Plesk reseller. I wasn't aware that buying from a reseller excludes you from contacting Plesk directly. Fortunately my license is soon up for renewal and I think I'll buy my future licenses from Plesk directly instead of the reseller.

    Again, thanks for helping me with this.

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