[BUG] Unable to edit some files with File Manager in Plesk via HTTPS: file loads indefinitely




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    Sheila Stamp (Edited )


    I cannot edit the wp-config.php file at all.  All other files are OK.  I am logged in as admin.

    I can confirm:

    Web Application Firewall (ModSecurity) is off

    Nginx is installed and running.

    I am accessing through a domain and 8443.

    Any suggestions on why this is happening solely for the wp config file and a way to fix it.  The file has the same permission levels as all the other files in the folder that I can edit with no problem at all.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

    Best regards



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    Sheila Stamp

    It didn't fix my problem.  The issue seems to affect the wp-config.php files only.  Not the others.

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    Wyk Parish

    It wasn't fixed in the update for me either unfortunately.  I'm on version Version 18.0.49 Update #2.  The workarounds did not help either.  The only way I'm able to edit the wp-config file is through FTP or terminal.  A fix or guidance to an effective workaround would be appreciated!

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