How to use Event Handlers in Plesk?




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    Ehud Ziegelman

    Hi Alex Davydov


    May I ask foe the event handlers themselves (the full list) include a thorough explanation what event/s trigger them. This is far from being straight forward. 

    For example, the following two event handlers: 'Update installed' and 'Web application reconfigured' failed to 'fire' on nginx reinstallation after removal. I have added addiotnal event handler of 'Plesk component installed' but I have no confidence this one will catch such event.

    Possibly, you can list a various list of known evens in a drop down table, and once selected, events you have bound to them (this is a manual process on your Plesk side I assume) will be listed.
    Also, it was not clear for me if the Action section could ONLY include the full path for the script file, or it has to start with an hash-tag, if calling for a script via a path to it's location on the server. Can you please clarify this issue?



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    Alex Davydov

    Hello Ehud Ziegelman

    To have more information regards Event Handlers, please check this documentation page: 

    In this documentation guide, you may find information on how to list available handlers and examples of CLI usage which you may use almost the same way in GUI. 

    As an additional clarification, it is not required to use a hash-tag in front of your commands/paths.

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