Plesk pre-migration check finishes with an error: Set variable innodb_strict_mode to OFF on target to avoid the migration errors




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    Eriks Bass (Edited )

    Thanks! It helps me a lot.

    For Linux

    Some comment for - 2.2. Add innodb_strict_mode=OFF under the [mysqld] section

    To edit text, you need to enter the insert mode by pressing key. Go back to normal mode by pressing Esc key again.

    Some comment for - 2.3. Save the changes and close the file.

    To save the changes and close the file Press the ESC key ---> Type :wq ---> Press the ENTER key

    Exit without saving changes Press the ESC key ---> Type :q! ---> Press the ENTER key

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    Miguel Monteiro

    Eriks Bass Hello Erik,

    Thank you for sharing the details. We have this information mentioned in our article How to edit a file using the vi utility

    I made sure to add a link to this article in the resolution for Linux.

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    Sotirios Rizos (Edited )

    I am still confused at the step 2.1 (we are not experts)

    1. Connect to the target server via SSH.    (i am already at Tools - SSH Terminal: )
    2. Add innodb_strict_mode to MySQL configuration:
    2.1. Open MySQL configuration file /etc/my.cnf in a text editor, for example, in the vi editor:
     (where can I found this file MySQL configuration file) please explain me where is the /etc/my.cnf ?


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    Lanfranco Rosso

    Sotirios Rizos you can find my.cnf under 



    vi /etc/mysql/my.cnf

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