Websites are not available after WordPress Toolkit updates: The website is undergoing scheduled maintenance




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    Is there an update that will undo this or are you suggesting that we go though all the wordpress sites on all our plesk servers and take them out of maintenance mode?



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    How can we check for installed extension version from CLI? Can't find that on .

    grep '<version>' /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/modules/wp-toolkit/meta.xml


    We had issues with that version also. Maybe some others also. Don't know where to check for update logs. Was looking in /var/log/plesk/install/ai_action_time.xml and /var/log/plesk/install/autoinstaller3.log but no relavant info could be found thus extension is updated atm.

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    Thanks for the resolution.

    I got the same issue after WordPress Toolkit auto-updating to 3.6.1-1603.

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    Taras Ermoshin (Edited )



    According to the output you provided, WordPress Toolkit on your server has the version 3.5.6. On my test server, I updated WPT to 3.6.1, and this change is reflected in meta.xml:

    # grep '<version>' /usr/local/psa/admin/plib/modules/wp-toolkit/meta.xml

    Also, 2 other options are available to check the version of a Plesk extension in CLI:


    # plesk bin extension --get-xml-info wp-toolkit
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <module fullVersion="3.6.1-1603" status="true"/>


    # plesk db -Ne"SELECT name, version, \`release\` FROM Modules where name='wp-toolkit'"
    wp-toolkit 3.6.1 1603

    As for the issues in WordPress Toolkit 3.5.6, search our knowledge base for a solution or consider submitting a support ticket.

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    Artyom Baranov


    Hi! The maintenance mode should be disabled manually even when version 3.6.1 is installed.

    Should you face the same issue after that please let us know by creating a ticket according to

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    Thomas Sandstrom


    Thanks, this was great!
    I have two websites on my server and both started to work again after removal of the .maintenance file.
    However when try point 4. i just get the message that "All installed extensions are up-to-date".

    Can I just carry on without doing anything more, or will I suffer problems later on because I miss this file?


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    Artyom Baranov

    @Thomas Sandstrom,

    Hi! Since the file was removed and the extension is up-to-date (the version of WordPress Toolkit is 3.6.1) nothing more is required to do and no such issues should appear.

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    Thomas Sandstrom

    @Artyom Baranov

    OK, thanks!

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    Alexandr Bashurov


    The WordPress Toolkit update will not revert the maintenance mode if it currently enabled.

    A script was created to automatically solve the situation.
    It will iterate over registered instances and either prompt, or disable maintenance automatically if run with '-y' option.

    The script is now available in the "For multiple domains" Resolution section.

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