How to disable Plesk User Activity tracking?




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    With all due respect (!), wrong.

    1) the "official documentation page" you link to shows HOW to use panel.ini , but doesn't list all the options available.

    2) did you actually read what it says in your linked "Corresponding KB article"?
    > "The list of all settings is available *IN* the Panel.ini Editor extension" - which means the viewer tab. The editor tab is there to change those settings only.

    And your suggestion to "please search for a required option in our knowledge base" is ridiculous. How can we search for some specific setting [a new one you/Plesk just added / created] if we don't know it exists?

    By the looks of it, the only solution at this moment is that we admins scan all and any KB articles, including the changelog, facebook group ourselves.

    Well I as a hosting companies admin have other things to do then keeping a constant eye out all over the place for any new panel.ini options you as Plesk come up with.

    It should be your responsibility as the maker of Plesk to fully document all the options available in panel.ini IN ONE CENTRAL LOCATION. - Which I thought was the viewer in panel.ini [see your own linked article 2) above ] but it is not.

    Please work on such a central location. The viewer tab used to be it..

    Kind regards, Tom

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    this is now the third option i come across within 30 minutes that is NOT listed under the viewer in panel.ini

    How are we supposed to keep track of all these new options if even you at Plesk don't?

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    Alex Davydov

    TomBob all the changes in panel.ini including new options are always documented. However not all the options are presented under the viewer tab inside the extension.

    To track all the options I would recommend you check the following links:

    On the official documentation page, you may find the Reference section with some examples of panel.ini options.

    In case there is no option you are looking for, then please search for a required option in our knowledge base as there always should be an article for it, like this KB article with the userActivityTracking option.

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