How to manage date and time for Plesk autoupdates?



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    David Hubbard

    Probably too late to change it now, unless you enhance the directive to allow for the optional adding of a timezone offset, but implementing this feature in a manner that is only UTC time creates issues for anyone managing Plesk servers in multiple timezones.  For example, customers generally want their service-affecting updates to occur outside of business hours, such as 2am-5am local time.  Well, 2am local time depends entirely on the server's configured time zone.  If we put this in the policy or panel.ini file:

    timeFrameStart = 02
    timeFrameEnd = 05

    Our servers in Australia are going to update in the middle of the business day, Europe will get the proper time, US/EST will end up late evening, US/PST will end up early evening.

    Anyone running an operation where servers are set to the customer's timezone, and they have worldwide customers, won't be able to use this feature properly unless the panel.ini file is customized for each timezone.  We use an automated config management which enforces the contents of that file given its security risks, so now we will have to deploy custom policy on that file for every timezone we have customers in.

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