Diagnose & Repair tool detected issues with the database. How to fix them?




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    Stefano Sudati (Edited )


    What should I do?

    plesk repair db


    Checking the Plesk database using the native database server tools .. [OK]

    Checking the structure of the Plesk database ........................ [OK]

    Checking the consistency of the Plesk database

    Inconsistency in the table 'apsResources' for the column registryId:
    There is no object in the 'apsc' database in the table
    'aps_registry_object' with UID =
    fbaf8e97-f8ca-424b-81ad-e1c247afd4ee .............................. [ERROR]
    Remove the corresponding rows from the table 'apsResources'? [Y/n]

    Can I safely cancel it? Or not?

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    Julian Bonpland Mignaquy (Edited )

    Hi Stefano Sudati yes you can cancel the task safely. The warning tells you that there are inconsistencies in the apsc database.

    I recommend the following: backup psa and apsc via ssh:

    • plesk db dump psa > psa.sql
    • plesk db dump apsc > apsc.sql

    Repair all inconsistencies with the -y option:

    • plesk repair db -y -v



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    Stefano Sudati (Edited )

    Hi Julian

    Many Tnx

    Could you please write to me if it didn't work how to go back?

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