Multiple Vulnerabilities in Oracle MySQL Server before 5.7.25, 5.6.43: potential Unauthorized access




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    Ultra Provedor (Leandro) (Edited )


    What about the recommended actions if I got my Plesk exploited before the update?

    We've got one of our servers attacked, apparently refering to this vulnerability. Many databases had its tables removed and one table "warning" has been created with a column "bitcoin_address". We've restored last user's databases backup but we didn't have aknowledge of this issue. 

    It's second time we have this issue (last 2 weekends), and our Plesk is updated:

    Plesk Onyx Versão 17.8.11 Atualizar #55

    What has to be done?


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    Maxim Krasikov

    Hello @Ultra Provedor,

    The attack could be caused not only by MySQL vulnerabilities but also by a malicious script on the server. Such a script could be uploaded long before the attack and may run at any moment.

    Please find recommendations in the Plesk knowledge base article below:

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