Various actions fail in Plesk with Fail2Ban installed after server reboot: Unable to open file /run/lock/files/, There is no directory /var/run/




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    Danil Dmitrienko

    Hello Wolfgang,

    Thank you for your notes. The article has been adjusted.

    The solution with /etc/tmpfiles.d/*.conf is for OS with  the Systemd support (CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16 and etc). Otherwise, your solution with the crontab might be a good alternative and useful for other pleskians, but note it was not tested by Plesk.

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    Wolfgang Ketterer

    If you write fail2ban correctly, then it works as well. :-)

    At least the manual solution! The automatic creation via tmpfiles.d didn't work for me. No idea why. I put the following two lines in the root crontab


    @reboot mkdir -p /run/lock/files ; chown root:psaadm /run/lock/files ; chmod 0770 /run/lock/files
    @reboot mkdir -p /run/fail2ban ; chown root:root /run/fail2ban ; chmod 0755 /run/fail2ban
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