Unable to create domain alias or Plesk upgrade fails: the parent domain does not appear in the list




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    Marcio Nunes

    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Marcio Nunes

    The script has worked fine on my test server. There could have been some issue with copying the code.

    The script I've used:

    plesk db -Ne "SELECT guid, count(guid) FROM domains GROUP BY guid HAVING COUNT(guid) > 1" | while read G C; do echo "> DUPLICATED GUID: $G"; for ((i=0;i<(C-1);i++)); do plesk db -Ne "SELECT id, name FROM domains WHERE guid = '$G' limit 1" | while read I D; do plesk db -Ne "UPDATE domains SET guid = UUID() WHERE id = '$I'"; echo "- FIXED: $D"; done; done; done; echo "> COMPLETED"

    Screenshot of it working:

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