NextCloud and Typo3 applications are not stable on Plesk PHP 7.2.32 and 7.3.20



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    Eric Matt (Edited )

    Benjamin Wessel, thanks só much for posting this. Was deep down the rabbit hole to figure out why the hell my NextCloud instance wasn't working anymore.

    I was getting "502, Bad Gateway", returns from NGINX on my browser, while running PHP-FPM 7.3. But also on Apache or PHP-FPM 7.2 the same error showed up. It puzzled me that with wrong logins it kept serving me pages, but with correct logins in the webinterface of Nextcloud, it gave me the 502, Bad Gateway error.

    Man oh man, I was having this for two weeks and in some evenings trying to fix it, unable to. Until this post came along. Thx a bunch.

    I added some terms in my comment like the Bad Gateway, hopefully others will find this post as well. Or even better: Plesks brings out a fix...

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