How to change upload file size limit for File Manager in Plesk?




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    My hosting provider has limit set to 2mb for upload_max_filesize. I do not have option to change it in 'Websites & Domains' -> 'PHP Settings'. I do not even have SSH.

    Currently, I am requesting the hosting provider to increase it for domain. I am using WordPress for all my domains. I am provided Plesk control panel on Windows machine.

    Is there any way I can use php.ini within my account or something else to increase limit for 'upload_max_filesize'?

    Please advise.

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    Carlos Ivan Castillo Moya

    There are only two ways to do this one is by UI but must be done by the server administrator and is limited to 16M maximum and the other is via SSH as recommended in the post where, again, the administrator can increase the size further.


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