Unable to install the Plesk Email Security: ERROR: Missing required additional modules: DBD::mysql




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    Robin Labadie

    Installing the Plesk Email Security halted mail reception (everything deferred) because of this issue, which is problematic if you don't notice right away.
    I can confirm this solution worked so thank you for this.

    Isn't there a PPM for this missing dependency?

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    Ivan Kamnev

    Hello @Robin Labadie,

    I did not reproduce the issue in my test environment with a fresh Plesk installation.

    The perl-DBD-MySQL is shipped with MariaDB or MySQL.

    The perl-DBD-MySQL package can be missed on the server in case the custom MySQL instance is installed.



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    Robin Labadie

    Hello and thank you for trying to help @Ivan Kammenev.

    Maybe more details are required in order to reproduce the issue, then.

    The environment on which I encountered the issue was a fresh Debian 11.4 install, on which Plesk was installed, then I've migrated my domains and upgraded MariaDB manually.
    Then I've installed the Plesk Email Securty, and Amavis wouldn't start because of the missing dependency. I shall note that I didn't see any error within the Plesk interface upon installing (maybe wasn't paying attention), but I did see them in SSH (probably with systemctl status amavis).

    For the upgrade, MariaDB repos were added using the official MariaDB script which is available here:

    By the way, I find this method cleaner than using the repos advised in the Plesk upgrade guide (especially since if I recall correctly, before, it was even advising a .ru mirror that didn't work anymore).

    The official MariaDB script provides the following repos:

    # root@ds ~ # cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mariadb.list

    # MariaDB Server
    # To use a different major version of the server, or to pin to a specific minor version, change URI below.
    deb [arch=amd64,arm64] https://dlm.mariadb.com/repo/mariadb-server/10.6/repo/debian bullseye main

    # MariaDB MaxScale
    # To use the latest stable release of MaxScale, use "latest" as the version
    # To use the latest beta (or stable if no current beta) release of MaxScale, use "beta" as the version
    deb [arch=amd64,arm64] https://dlm.mariadb.com/repo/maxscale/latest/apt bullseye main

    # MariaDB Tools
    deb [arch=amd64] http://downloads.mariadb.com/Tools/debian bullseye main

    This should likely help reproducing and understanding the root cause for the issue. I remain available if more details are required.

    Best regards

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