[FIXED BUG] /etc/dovecot/conf.d/92-plesk-service-imap-login.conf file is not created during the upgrade to Plesk 17.8




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    Alexandros Rapsomanikis (Edited )

    Hi, thanks for the temporary solution. Is there a way I can edit the file and the changes are kept? I'm not sure there is a page in Plesk that allows me to edit the values that are in the file. Thanks.

    P.S: I'd like to change the "service_count" value, not the process_limit (for this one there is an option).

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    Francisco Garcia

    Hi Alexandros Rapsomanikis,

    Any update in the files created by Plesk are likely to be updated/modified in any Plesk update.

    As a possibility (not tested, so do it on your will&risk), you may create a new config file with your own config. However, have in mind that such config won't be supported by Plesk, and in case of any issue, we may require you to revert such configuration to the default one.

    I hope that information could help you :)

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