Password-protected root directories for domains are not migrated in Plesk for Linux




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    Glenn (Edited )

    This is a real problem when you're trying to migrate some domains with a dozen subs and they're all in the root directory!

    Instructions aren't clear. 

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    Michel vd Lingen

    Useless KB article....!!!

    Issue was already reported back in September 2021 (more than a year ago)!
    See also here:

    However after a year this issue still has not been resolved. Also, like Glenn stated already 2 weeks ago (no answer ofcourse) it's impossible to migrate several domains which have multiple protected directories...!

    Now Plesk is increasing their pricing every year nowadays and Plesk states it's necessary to improve the functionality of Plesk and to fix bugs and others issues. Okay... How come this very old bug (older than one full year) still hasn't been solved? Aren't we paying enough already as it is? Or do we have to pay an extra price increase first to get these simple bugs fixed?

    Very, very disappointing to see Plesk not taking issues seriously other then increasing their pricing every year!!!

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