A Plesk backup fails to be transferred to Microsoft OneDrive: The request has been throttled




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    Bob B

    I just purchased the Plesk Onedrive extension in order to send our server backups to our Onedrive storage.  Any idea when this will be fixed?  Should I just cancel the extension purchase and wait until this article has been updated?

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    Konstantin Annikov (Edited )

    @Bob B

    There is no exact ETA for this fix due to complexity of the solution, however priority of this bug is set to "Major". So, I believe it will be fixed soon.  

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    Christian Toller

    I just ran into the same issue.

    Is there a way to get notified when the fix is available? I subscribed this thread now, but maybe there's a way to follow progress in your bugtracker?

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    Lev Iurev

    @Christian Toller


    We will update the article once bug is fixed. We do not have public bugtracker so this article could be used to track the status.

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