Why ServerShield by CloudFlare is not available for installation or purchase in Plesk?




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    Arez Abdulqadir

    Is there any update on a new integration with cloudflare or alternative options?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Arez Abdulqadir

    No news at the moment. You may still use CloudFlare just you will need to set the integration manually on CloudFlare side.

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    Andrew Stewart


    Will an existing ServerShield migrate across to a new server and Plesk installation?

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    Markus L.

    I’m currently looking into creating a free open-source community plugin for basic Cloudflare integration and I hope I will be able to publish it on the plesk store later on.

    Currently I have the following features in mind/partially complete:

    - Domain-binding via Cloudflare API (key and zone)

    - Automated Cloudflare Origin-SSL

    - Dynamic support for CF_CONNECTING_IP on connected domains

    - Authenticated-Origin-pull support and automated custom certificate zone enrollment

    - Support for dynamic DNS binding over Cloudflare

    - Integration with various firewalls available for Plesk to better customize profiles

    - Integration into Plesk recommendation plugin

    - Integration for auth and provider with Cloudflare teams

    But at this point I am still learning the limits of what I am able to do here; so this will probably take some time to complete.

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    Oliver Heller

    Really? Honestly, there are Plesk extensions that simply have to be there. A Cloudflare extension is one of them. 

    What you forgot to do in your explanation is to include a link to a complete guide on how to set up Cloudflare for multiple WordPress sites.

    Even free management panels like CyberPanel have a global Cloudflare extension for all managed sites included.

    best Regards


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