Unable to issue/renew a Let's Encrypt certificate in Plesk: Error creating new account :: "" is not a valid e-mail address



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    Ian Simpson

    I've been running the Let's Encrypt plugin for several years. I've always set the notification address for the certificate to some other address. Many customers in our system have no email address like above.

    Earlier this month I was forced to install the SSLIt extension. Since this time, I've been getting a constant stream of emails as above. I have verified that the 'ext-letsencrypt-registrationEmail' parameter is set to the appropriate email address in the database, however it appears when SSLIt tries to renew the domain it is replacing this with the Contact email address.

    I then need to go in and manually reissue the cert, entering the notification address I prefer.

    How can I avoid getting several hundred more of these, and have the system honour my settings?

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