Unable to access Advanced Monitoring: Dashboard not found




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    still does't working after this procedure.
    latest obsidian 18.0.32 / Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS‬

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    TheShadowKnows (Edited )

    I have found an explanation for my Plesk installation, leading to a workaround (not that great but it works).

    If I open the browser console in the Network tab when I load the Advanced Monitoring page, it attempts to load the following URL: https://:8443/modules/grafana/service/login/generic_oauth, which fails due to the domain name being absent.

    If I open a new tab with the URL after adding the correct domain name, it displays the Grafana page and all dashboards are available and working correctly.

    So for me, and maybe for "dufresne", there is a problem with the Advanced Monitoring module where it is not able to get the domain name and inject it while building the redirection to the Grafana authentication URL.

    Note: Reinstalling both Grafana and Advanced Monitoring extensions do not fix the problem.

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