Why Plesk backup manually downloaded from Microsoft OneDrive is invalid?




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    Jonathan Antunes


    I have an onedrive account with all the backups from my server.

    I ran the command below but when i open the tar file, he said "the file is corrupted". 

    The size of the tar file is about 125gb and the tgz file inside de tar file is 127gb but there only few files and folders.

    How can I do to have the backup entirely?

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    John Donson

    Discovered my plesk system wide backups that get pushed to the cloud via Plesk Google Drive Backup all have corrupted TAR files but the originals on the Plesk server are working perfectly.

    I had this problem before and thought my server had an issue, so I reinstalled from scratch but then I never tested the restore due to size (25Gb+-) and now I need it but it has this corruption issue. Not even TAR repair software will work.


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