Why is the spam folder located under the inbox on Plesk Premium Mail? Can it be removed?




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    Tobias Glawe

    The statement does not really help.

    As you can see in the screenshot, there are two spam folders.
    However, the one inside the Inbox folder is not recognized as the correct junk folder by any client such as Outlook. Even Roundcube uses the other spam folder outside the Inbox as the junk folder (if you don't change it in the settings).

    Which of the two folders is relevant for Amavis or SpamAssassin and how to remove the then useless folder?

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    Alex Davydov

    Tobias Glawe for spam-filtering extensions like SpamAssassin or Amavis (which is a part of Plesk Email Security) the relevant folder is INBOX.Spam because using of this folder is hardcoded for such extensions, and thus there is a warning in the article regards it.

    Other not used folders cannot be removed via webmail because each IMAP client (like Outlook) has their own implementation of what they expect for the default location of special folders. And one of the best practices of webmail clients is creating duplicate folders in order to ensure compatibility with the most popular mail clients. This behavior can be customized (duplicate/unnecessary folders removed) at the mail client side inside the IMAP settings of each mail client like Outlook.

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