How to manage mail autodiscover in Plesk Obsidian?




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    Apple Mail autodiscover not working. 

    What can i do?

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    DerDanilo (Edited )

    Since Plesk seems to configure the root domain as default for autodiscover we have to change it (for now) in the Panel.ini.

    Even though "mail.<domain>" is included in DNS Plesk does not include this subdomain in the certificate that is then beeing used for the mailserver. (Posted in the forum about this:

    But "webmail.<domain>" is included in the certificate if enabled and therefore can be used as server address. This is anyways easier for most customers to remember. They can just use the same server name for webmail and mail clients. But again this doesn't seem reliable.

    The "fun" fact here is that Plesk doesn't seem to provide the customers certificate when the customer enters webmail.<domain> as mailserver address. So where is the problem here? The certificate was selected to be used for the mailserver but doesn't work on some servers. (Weird)

    So what to do?

    Add the following lines to the Panel.ini file.

    clientConfig.incomingProtocols="IMAP over SSL/TLS, POP3 over SSL/TLS"
    clientConfig.outgoingProtocols="SMTP over SSL/TLS"


    Also we did customize the DNS records somewhat to make this work: SRV
    Weight: 1
    Prio: 0
    Port: 993 SRV
    Weight: 1
    Prio: 10
    Port: 143 SRV
    Weight: 1
    Prio: 20
    Port: 995 SRV
    Weight: 1
    Prio: 0
    Port: 465

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