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Unable to sync subscriptions with a service plan: Hard disk quota is not supported




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    Ahmad Kisswani

    Dear Alexey,

    What is the estimated time to fix this bug.



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    Anton Maslov

    Hello Ahmad, at this moment unfortunate we have no ETA for this.

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    Nicholas Sciortino

    Plz fix!

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    Eric Beck

    18.0.31 still not fixed.


    1. create subscription plan A with unlimited hard quota

    2. create subscription with that plan

    3. create another subscription plan B with a hard disk quota

    4. try to move subscription A to new plan B

    Synchronization Failed


    Syncing the subscription with its service plan failed because some of the services or resources defined in the plan cannot be actually provisioned with the subscription. Available value indicates the actual state of a resource or a service in the system. Clicking OK will initiate setting the subscription values according to the available values.

    Property Subscription value Plan value Available value Affected sites
    Hard disk quota Unlimited 1 000 MB Not supported





    Exactly same thing happens if you just create a new subscription and try to use the subscription B with the domain, the subscription won't sync with the same error.  It would be nice to be able to force a hard disk quota :-)

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