In Plesk Git Manager extension target directory is always set to 'root'




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    Cornelia Mühlich (Edited )

    I have two domains in Plesk (one dev and one live) and for both I have a git repository. Sometimes I need to pull the changes only for dev to check if it is running properly. But instead the git repository is updated for the live version. I had this several times now, I chose the right domain before. The live version is in httpdocs.

    Is it possible that this bug also results in the problem I have?

    Is there any assumption then it will be fixed?

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    Alexandr Redikultsev


    It is possible that the cause of the issue is the same. 

    As for the fix of the bug, I have checked internally and unfortunately no ETA is available as of now.

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    Cornelia Mühlich

    I noticed now that it is also working the other way round. I tried to update the Git respository for the main page and it ended up in the directory for the dev page.

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