Unable to install Let's Encrypt certificate for domain and site shows Web Server's Default Page: Status: 403, Invalid response from example.com, 404 Not Found




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    Graham Jones

    Neither of these resolutions worked. I was trying to add LetsEncrypt including support for Webmail.

    Webmail is correctly set up and working on all other domains.

    The DNS for the webmail.domain.com is correct

    The domain configuration files are also correct.

    The only way to resolve this was to:

    1. Create a subdomain for webmail.domain.com

    2. Create a LetsEncrypt certificate for that subdomain

    3. Delete the subdomain

    4. Reissue the LetsEncrypt certificates for the main domain, including webmail 

    These steps resolved the issue in every instance where I got this problem.

    This has only happened within the past week. 

    Prior to this, LetsEncrypt correctly installed the webmail certificates.

    Something has changed in the last week perhaps?

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    Alisa Kasyanova

    @Graham Jones
    Thank you for sharing the workaround. Other Pleskians will surely find it helpful!
    As for the issue: nothing has changed in the past week or two, so it is difficult to explain such behaviour without any additional information.
    If it reoccurs again, please contact our support, so we could determine the root cause. Thanks!

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