Unable to log in to a WordPress dashboard via Plesk after migration




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    Zeald IT

    Is this bug (EXTWPTOOLK-1581) similar to an issue wherein the Login button to access Wordpress Dashboard has disappeared in Plesk Onyx 17.8.11?

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    Alexandr Shadrin

    Hello, @Zeald IT!

    Yes, root cause should be the same as in #EXTWPTOOLK-1581.

    Apply the workaround described in the article in order to resolve the issue.

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    Zeald IT

    Hi Alexandr,


    The workaround posted here doesn't work.


    Other options?

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    Denis Bykov

    @Zeald IT
    Since workaround did not help, this may be another issue.
    Try to update a password for the WordPress installation in Domains > example.com > WordPress > Setup as suggested in this article.

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    Zeald IT

    Hi Denis,


    Updating the password still doesn't work.  The login button is still not showing up.  Any other suggestion?

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    Pavel Mikhaylov


    If the recommendations did not help, please consider creating a ticket to our Support department: https://support.plesk.com/

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