SSL/TLS Certificates tab is missing on a webspace in Plesk




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    Kemal Yılmaz


    When we try to apply the fix you mentioned , we get such an error :


    ERROR: Declaration of Plesk\Server\Preferences\Form\Windows::assignVars($values = NULL, $errors = NULL) must be compatible with Plesk\Server\Preferences\Form\Common::assignVars($values = NULL, $errors = NULL): array (Windows.php:6)

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    Daria Gavrilova

    Hello, @Kemal Yılmaz

    The mentioned error can be seen in case if the newer Plesk version (Plesk 17.8) is used on the server and workaround was applied.

    To investigate the issue deeper on this matter, please create a ticket to Plesk Technical Support.

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