Unable to create a Plesk scheduled backup to a remote FTP storage: Curl error: Unable to resume an interrupted download: (28) Timeout was reached



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    Georgy Sokolov (Edited )

    Add the line below under the [pmm] section:
    ftpForbidReuseConnection = 1

    Add the following line in the <Global> section of the /etc/proftpd.conf file:
    AllowStoreRestart on

    But the error occurs periodically:
    Unable to create remote backup. Error: Unable to export backup: Transport error: unable to list directory: Curl error: (28) Timeout was reached: Last FTP request: PASS ***** Last FTP response: 331 Password required for ftp_login

    What and where is wrong in the settings?

    After Timeout 30s
    INFO: pmm-ras finished. Exit code: 126

    INFO: pmm-ras finished. Exit code: 0


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