[FIXED BUG] Unable to discard the Plesk newsletter offer in Plesk




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    Sid B

    1st, Upgrading to the latest version of Onyx is how we GOT this problem to begin with!

    2nd, Since the newsletter nag screen is appearing on EVERY page, it is NOT POSSIBLE to perform an upgrade - you cannot get to the page or use it! (we tried) There would be no upgrade 'available' anyway, as we just updated/upgraded to the latest.

    3rd, We have not tried the temp solution - which appears to actually be the ONLY way to ever remove this damn nag screen!

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh

    Hi @Sid B,

    As the bug has been fixed in Plesk Obsidian only, I would recommend applying the tempory solution on Plesk Onyx version.
    If the issue appears after the workaround, let us know.

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