Which Magento versions are supported by Plesk?




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    Vicente Valdez

    Magento 2.1 is coming to end of life but Plesk doesn't support any versions higher than that will this change?


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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Vicente Valdez

    The APS package vendor is to update the package in the catalog to make it available for the upgrade.

    The workaround was suggested on Magento Forum: https://community.magento.com/t5/Magento-2-x-Feature-Requests-and/latest-magento-version-2-3-1-package-for-plesk/idi-p/133515

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    Raheel Ansari

    Looks like Plesk is no longer a professional software to use when seeking to remain PCI compliant with ecommerce software like Magento on there.

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    Plesk Obsidian 18.0.34 (April 2021) offers Magento 2.1 (Release: 2015) for installation. But Magento 2.1 only runs under PHP 7.0 (Release: 2015). This means that the software recommended is now over 5 years old and has serious security gaps - and is still recommended by Plesk! Very weak. Magento is currently available version 2.4.2 and runs under PHP 7.4 and 8.0, but not with Plesk.

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    Michel vd Lingen

    Uhmz... Running the latest Plesk version (Plesk Obsidian 18.0.42 Update #1) however when I want to install Magento v2.10 (or anything else) it will show:

    Downloading magento...
    The application is being downloaded for installation. Please do not access your hosted files until the installation is finished.
    100% completed

    But it won't continue, it does not install anything; it simply hangs there. Not doing anything else. It seems to be broken.
    Also when will (as Falco asked already on the 6th of April 2021) new Magento versions be added? The latest (current) version of Magento is v2.4.x.

    The "newest" version which is available in the Plesk applications is Magento v2.10 which was released back in June 2016 and became end-of-life in June 2019. Seems the applications are a "little" outdated by almost 3 years! So updates whatsoever...

    We are paying every time a serious price increase for Plesk licenses. According to the FAQ these price increases are needed to make Plesk "a better experience" and "suit the need of modern hosting", however given the fact that;

    • the Magento application installer does not work at all (see above)
    • the "latest" version available from the installer is version 2.10 (~3 years EOL)

    I was expecting much better from Plesk and I therefor expect these things get fixed and updated as soon as possible. Customers cannot even use it now!

    I hope this is followed-up as soon as possible as the Plesk Application tool is simply worthless in it's current state and therefor completely and utterly useless!


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