Unable to activate Plesk license: "Automatic upgrade for this license is not possible. Please contact your reseller. (Error code: 2)"




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    Rustam (Edited )

    I have the same problem. Write support and no answer about 24 ours.

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    Lev Iurev

    Hello @Rustam,


    Our Sales team received your request and will update you shortly by email.

  • hi,


    we are unable to retry are same key.. we already made the yearly payment...

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hi @Futuristic Internet Services Private Limited,

    In this case, I can suggest you the following action plan:

    1. If the key was purchased directly from us, contact Licensing and Purchase support, they will check the key.

    Or contact our reseller in case the key was bought from them.

    2. If the key is ok, submit a support request.

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