How to clean temporary Plesk files on a Linux server




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    Marco Marsala

    https://IPADDRESS:8443/repair is 404 not found on all my servers.

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    Marco Marsala (Edited )

    This will break Media Uploader (error: "missing temporary dir") in all Wordpress sites on the server using PHP FPM (FastCGI is ok), php.ini unaltered.

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    Artyom Baranov

    @Marco Marsala,


    1) Plesk repair kit presents only on Plesk Onyx 17.8. Additionally, please check if your OS uses systemd init system (

    2) I can suppose that /tmp folder itself was accidentally removed. Please make sure that there is an asterisk in rm -rf /tmp/* when removing the content of /tmp

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    Marco Marsala

    I confirm /tmp was not removed. The issue happes with FPM and Wordpress 5.x only.

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    Anna Morozyuk

    @Marco Marsala, Hello there!

    I was trying reproducing this issue on a test environments and different WordPress versions, however, have not reproduced. This is a really interesting case, that has a number of variables within it. Thus, we would like for this case to reach Technical Support in order to investigate it deeper. Please create a request according to this article: How to submit request to Plesk Support

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    Marnette Federis

    Was there ever a solution for this? I desperately need to clear some space, but I don't want it to impact my Wordpress website. 

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    Julian Bonpland Mignaquy

    Hi @Marnette,

    Certain temporary files are not managed by Plesk but by the OS. For that matter, we recommend applying the solution in this article and I also recommend using the following extension

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